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Woodgrain 2H11-4

Code: 3H7-8

Décor Style: Woodgrain

Colors may vary on different screens, please refer to the actual product.


Woodgrain 2H11-4 PVC film brings warm tones to your decoration environment with its stable wood grain color. Contact us for more details!

What colors is suitable for Woodgrain 2H11-4 PVC film?

It looks great with:

Plain Color JB1008-B2

The Way to Use Woodgrain 2H11-4 PVC film on Furniture and Wall:

It comes in two types: non-adhesive and self-adhesive. You can also use manual pasting if you choose non-adhesive PVC foil, but you will need glue (PUR, PVA, PU, etc) and professional machines. Self-adhesive PVC foil can be used directly by peeling off and sticking. Here are the specifications of these two types of PVC foil.

Non-self-adhesive PVC foil

Material: PVC
Thickness: 0.12mm, 0.14mm, 0.16mm, 0.18mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm
Width: 1250mm, 1260mm, 1400mm, 1420mm
Finishes: matt, glossy, soft touch super matt
Applicable Process: membrane vacuum press, PUR lamination, cold lamination, hot lamination, wrapping
Applicable Products: cabinets, furniture fronts, wall

Self-adhesive PVC interior film

Material: PVC, Air-channeled adhesive, release contact paper
Thickness: 330micron~400micron
Roll Width: 1220mm
Roll Length: 50M
Texture: wood grain
Applicable Process: self-adhesive
Applications: architectural film is stretchable and self-adhesive, it’s an ideal décor material for interior space renovation.

PVC Film Processing Machines:

membrane vacuum press

For making cabinet doors, furniture fronts, membrane doors
Use a vacuum press machine or membrane press machine
Pre-glue the substrate panels
Foil thickness: 0.16-0.5mm
Substrate: MDF

PUR lamination, cold lamination

for making interior decor panels
Use a lamination line(cold or hot laminating)
Use cold glue or hot melt glue to bond foil and panel
Foil thickness: 0.12-0.5mm
Substrate: flat panels


for making decor profiles
Use wrapping machine
Pre-glue the substrate profiles or panels
Foil thickness: 0.14-0.5mm
Substrate: profiles or panels