Solid Color Soft Touch PVC Decorative Film

Solid Color Soft Touch PVC Decorative Film with its skin-friendly touch and soft color, it is suitable for most decorative spaces and is your safest choice.

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soft touch for decorative

PVC Film for Wall Claddings

Waterproof, easy to clean

Soft Touch PVC Film for Doors

Modern and stylish

Soft Touch PVC Film for Cabinets

Resistant to stains



Simple installation

It is capable of adhering to the product surface through processes such as vacuum film lamination and wrapping, making it suitable for a diverse range of materials.

Cost-effective pricing

When compared to other decorative materials, the cost of PVC film is significantly lower. JB PVC ensures the most competitive prices coupled with the highest quality for your satisfaction.

Resistant to Wear and Durable

Highly resistant to scratches and abrasions, ensuring enduring beauty in everyday use.


Crafted from non-toxic materials, environmentally friendly, and compliant with environmental protection standards.

Simple to Clean

It exhibits resistance to oil stains, water stains, and other pollutants, maintaining the product surface in a clean and bright condition.

Numerous Designs

1000+ styles and colors are available, we have various types of wood grains in various colors, of course we also have other designs and colors, contact us to learn more!

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Brand NameJB PVC
Product Categorysolid color soft touch series
Application:for doors, furniture, wall coverings
Thickness range0.12mm-0.5mm
Applicable thickness0.12mm, 0.14mm, 0.16mm, 0.18mm
Application process lamination, vacuum press, wrap
Other popular colorswoodgrain, stone, high glossfabricstarlightwallpaper, leather, metal, etc.


Various process, for your furniture

PUR Laminate

Substrate: 2D MDF board, plywood, WPC, PVC.
Glue type: PUR glue.
PVC decorative film thickness: 0.14-0.5mm, width: 1260mm.


Base materials: MDF, WPC, PVC profiles.
Applicable glue type: PUR glue.
Decorative PVC film thickness: 0.14-0.2mm, width: 1250mm.

Vacuum Press

Substrates: 3D panels in MDF, WPC and PVC.
Decorative PVC film thickness: 0.3-0.5mm, width: 1400mm, 1420mm.



Our production process encompasses raw materials, printing, lamination, and coating, with stringent quality control implemented at every stage.

We offer excellent and stable quality, reasonable prices, and considerate service.

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Mexin door
"JB PVC has been our most reliable partner for 11 years, supplying us with high-quality PVC film. In fact, 93% of the PVC film we use comes from JB PVC. We have consistently received excellent service from JBPVC, and their product quality has remained stable over time."
OPPEIN furniture
"Most of the PVC films used in Chongqing OPPEIN's customized furniture and cabinets are from JB PVC. The reason behind this is that JB PVC's films are top-notch - they're stretchy, color stays put, and are reasonably priced."
WONLY safety door
"Our PVC film supplier, JB PVC, is an important partner for our production of safety steel doors. Their Special Steel Film quality is excellent, ensuring that our products are extremely durable and attractive. The service provided by JB PVC is excellent as well, ensuring our orders are delivered on time and providing fast response times and solutions when technical support is needed."

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