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PET METAL FOIL: Modernize Your Interiors

PET Metal Foil is favored by countless owners and designers due to its texture-rich appearance and good performance.



PET Brush Metal Foil

With exquisite and powerful brushed metal, it creates a modern space with texture.

PET Mirror Metal Foil

Mirror metal elements create the ultimate sense of fashion, refracting and magnifying the space.


WHY YOU CHOOSE metal pvc film

Easy to Install on Furniture

It can be bonded to the product surface by vacuum film lamination, wrapping and other processing methods, and is suitable for a variety of materials.

Competitive Price

Compared with solid wood or natural stone, the cost of PVC film will be much lower. JB PVC will bring you the most reasonable price and the best quality.

Environmental Friendly

Made from non-toxic materials, environmentally friendly and in line with environmental protection requirements.

Wear-resistant and Durable

Scratch-resistant and abrasion-resistant in daily use for long-lasting beauty.

Easy for Cleaning

It can resist oil stains, water stains and other pollutants, and keep the product surface clean and bright.


A variety of styles and colors are available, we have various types of wood grains in various colors, of course we also have other designs and colors, contact us to learn more!



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Contact us now to explore our exclusive collection of 2024 newest designs, tailored to meet your diverse needs and preferences.


Brand NameJB PVC
Product Categorymetal series
Application:decorative on walls, furniture, or for wall panels lamination
Thickness range0.12mm-0.5mm
Applicable thickness0.12mm, 0.14mm, 0.16mm, 0.18mm
Application process lamination
Other popular colorswoodgrain, stone, high glossfabric, solid, starlight, wallpaper, leather, metal, etc.


Various process, for your furniture

PUR Laminate

Substrate: 2D MDF board, plywood, WPC, PVC.
Glue type: PUR glue.
PVC decorative film thickness: 0.14-0.5mm, width: 1260mm.


Substrates: profiles of MDF, WPC, PVC.
Suitable gue: PUR glue.
PVC decorative film thickness: 0.14mm-0.2mm, width: 1250mm.

Vacuum Press

Substrates: 3D panels in MDF, WPC and PVC.
Decorative PVC film thickness: 0.3-0.5mm, width: 1400mm, 1420mm.


One-Stop PVC Film Manufacturer

JB PVC is one of the leading PVC film manufacturers in China, established in 2009, has been providing high-quality finishes for furniture, doors and wall panels produced by major enterprises since its establishment.

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Strict quality control

We use high-quality printing oil and printing technology to ensure that each batch of our products has a high standard.

competitive price

Under the same quality control conditions, we have more competitive prices to reduce your production pressure.

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