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PVC Interior Door Membrane Foil

PVC Interior Door Membrane Foil enhances the interior door’s aesthetics and protects the surface from damage. Contact us for more details!


door’s finish coat layer
Thickness Range
Applicable Thickness
0.14mm, 0.16mm, 0.18mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm
Applicable Process
membrane press, vacuum press, wrapping, lamination
Other Application
PVC Lamination Film for Steel Door
primer, anti-scratch


Why CHOOSE PVC Interior Door Membrane Foil

Easy to Clean

Moisture-resistant, some of the colors are smooth, it is not easy to absorb dust and dirt, and it is easy to clean with water and ordinary detergent.

Moisture Resistance

It can withstand extreme humid conditions without warping or degrading.

Easy to Install

Installation of membrane foil requires no special tools or skills, just use the appropriate adhesive to attach it to the door.

Environmental Protection

It is an environmentally friendly product that releases no harmful substances when used and does not harm humans or the environment.

Wide Selection of Designs and Colors

It comes in a variety of designs and colors to suit a variety of decorating needs.

Low Maintenance Cost

PVC foil has a long service life, and is easy to clean and replace, so its maintenance cost is relatively low.

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Contact us now to explore our exclusive collection of 2024 newest designs, tailored to meet your diverse needs and preferences.


PVC DOOR film ApplicatioN Methods

PUR Laminate

Substrates: 2D panels of MDF, plywood, WPC, PVC. Suitable gue: PUR glue. PVC decorative film thickness: 0.14mm-0.5mm, width: 1260mm.

Membrane Vacuum Press

Substrates: 3D boards of MDF, WPC, PVC. Suitable gue: Henkel vacuum press glue. PVC decorative film thickness: 0.3mm-0.5mm, width: 1400mm, 1420mm.



Since 2009, JB PVC has been providing high-quality PVC films for doors and wall panels, including MEIXIN, WANGLI safety doors, and many others.

With a daily output of 180000 meters, our 11000m2 facility houses state-of-the-art equipment, including calendaring lines, printing machines, and laminating lines.

pvc calendered film manufacturer
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Hear What Our Customers Say

Mexin door
"JB PVC has been our most reliable partner for 11 years, supplying us with high-quality PVC film. In fact, 93% of the PVC film we use comes from JB PVC. We have consistently received excellent service from JBPVC, and their product quality has remained stable over time."
OPPEIN furniture
"Most of the PVC films used in Chongqing OPPEIN's customized furniture and cabinets are from JB PVC. The reason behind this is that JB PVC's films are top-notch - they're stretchy, color stays put, and are reasonably priced."
WONLY safety door
"Our PVC film supplier, JB PVC, is an important partner for our production of safety steel doors. Their Special Steel Film quality is excellent, ensuring that our products are extremely durable and attractive. The service provided by JB PVC is excellent as well, ensuring our orders are delivered on time and providing fast response times and solutions when technical support is needed."

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