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How is PVC foil Used in Doors Production?


In this article, JB PVC will analyze how is PVC foil used in doors production. 

In the production of interior doors, especially when applying PVC foil to the surface, membrane press machines and laminate machines are commonly used. These machines help achieve a precise and uniform application of the PVC foil onto the door surfaces. 

Substrates: 3D boards of MDF, WPC, PVC.

Suitable glue: vacuum press glue.

PVC foil thickness: 0.3mm-0.5mm

PVC foil width: 1400mm, 1420mm.

PVC Foil for Laminate

Substrates: 2D panels of MDF, plywood, WPC, PVC.

Suitable glue: PUR glue.

PVC foil thickness: 0.14mm-0.5mm

PVC foil width: 1260mm.

Basic Operating Procedures

1. Preparation of Doors:
Doors are manufactured or assembled, typically from MDF or another suitable substrate.

2. Surface Preparation:
The surfaces of the doors are prepared by cleaning and, if necessary, sanding to ensure they are smooth and free from any imperfections.

3. Cutting PVC Foil:
Rolls of PVC foil are loaded into cutting machines that precisely cut the foil to the dimensions of each door. Automated cutting machines help ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Usually, the PVC foil you buy will be a specific width to fit your machine, so usually the machine will only cut to length. During laminate, the machine will complete cutting while laminating.

4. Application of Adhesive:
Depending on the type of PVC foil used, doors may be coated with a suitable adhesive. If you purchase PVC foil with pre-coated adhesive, the film will fit more smoothly, the adhesion effect will be better, and the glue shape will be more stable.

5. Membrane Press Machine:
Doors move to the membrane press machine, designed to simultaneously apply heat and pressure. The PVC foil is placed onto the door surface, and the membrane press machine uses a flexible membrane or vacuum bag to apply pressure and conform the PVC foil to the contours of the door.

Demonstration Video Reference:

PVC membrane Foil for Interior Door

6.Laminate Machine
For the lamination of PVC film on flat door panels, under the action of high temperature, the glue on the PVC film and the glue on the door panel fuse with each other, become flat and fit under pressure, and then further cool down.

Demonstration Video Reference:

7. Trimming and Finishing:
Any excess PVC foil is trimmed from the edges of the doors, resulting in a clean and finished appearance. This may be done automatically or by operators using cutting tools.


The use of membrane press machines and laminate machines in door production provides an efficient and consistent way to apply PVC foil, ensuring a high-quality finish. The choice between membrane press and laminate machines may depend on factors such as the specific production requirements, the type of doors being produced, and the desired finish.

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